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Boston, MA

Jeff Colombo

Full-Stack Front-End Client-Side Web
Engineer Developer Architect Designer


Tackle full-stack web challenges, architect system frameworks, extol user experience, and evangelize best practices.

Summary of Qualifications



Experience Timeline

  • Senior Software Engineer

    Nanigans, Boston, MA

    • Lead engineering team on projects implementing next generation ad design and reporting tools, focusing on sound, scalable architecture and UX.
    • Built out UI components and core functionality with a strong emphasis on maintainable frameworks and unit testing for a quickly growing engineering department.
  • Web Developer

    MocoSpace (JNJ Mobile), Boston, MA

    • Primary Front-End Developer for the Games Team, responsible for designing, implementing and maintaining all forward-facing components of internally developed games such as “America Town” and “FriendShop”—from JavaScript libraries to HTML markup and CSS styling.
    • Solely responsible for designing and developing games' front-end framework optimized for mobile browsers, including a standardized method for dynamic page loading with progress bar feedback, solutions for mobile UI responsive interactivity, and wrappers for partially implemented HTML5 features, e.g. History, Storage and Network APIs.
    • Focused predominantly on the mobile version of the social network, crafted major JavaScript library components used throughout the site for pagination, dialog rendering with transitional animation, and front-to-back RESTful API implementations.
  • Web Applications Developer

    Forerun, Waltham, MA

    • Spearheaded a move to integrate modern technological standards (jQuery/Ajax/PHP) and other various cross-browser support and layout design paradigms into the hospital Emergency Departments “dashboard” webapp.
    • Worked closely with physician consultants designing UI and advanced functionality for dashboard modules with high visibility and traffic, e.g. Charting, Prescription Writing/Medical Reconciliation. These modules went on to be featured components of the product, resulting in increased interest from potential customers and additional sales.
    • Tasked with single-handedly redesigning, implementing and maintaining the company website's front and back ends (LAMP).
  • Systems Analyst

    Bose, Stow, MA

    • Worked in the Automotive Systems Division, creating customized user interfaces, embedded macros, and developing supplemental functionality for the NX CAD system, in C, easing user conformity and adaptation to Bose business rules.
    • Developed and maintained a data-sharing intranet for Bose engineers, customers, and vendors.
  • College Graduate

    Clark University, Worcester, MA

    • Received B.A. in Computer Science with Minors in Mathematics and Music Technology
    • Graduated Magna Cum Laude and awarded Departmental High Honors
  • Software Engineering Intern

    Intel, Hudson, MA

    • For two summers and part-time during the school year, worked in the Handheld and Communication Group, responsible for developing major components of an automated validation system.
    • Taught an in-house C programming course to the validation engineering team.