Welcome to the repository of my various endeavors.
There's no better motivating factor than the threat of public display.

Macro Table

A Big Data table jQuery plugin. Macro Table possesses a unique and full-featured set of functionality that will handle everything you could possibly expect a table on a webpage to do. And if not, I'll probably add it if you ask nice (or you could it!).

Backed by hundreds of unit tests and targeted at modern browsers, this could be the table you are looking for.

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Keyless Buzzer

Open the door to your building without carrying an extra key. Using an Arduino, a beginner's knowledge of electronics, and some bells and whistles, remotely trigger your apartment's buzzer system.

A perfect hack for renters; no permanet modifications necessary. Hook it up, power it on, yada yada yada, use your smartphone to buzz people in while sitting on the couch. Open sesame.

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Terrible Type A's

If I were a successful musician, I would call this my solo project. But because I'm not, nor ever will be, I call this my song pile not good enough to play with a full band. And I just bought a mandolin at a flea market; just what the Internet needs—more tiny guitar music.

Topics of songs to expect: my cat, how hungry I am, existential angst, and many more!

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Web Development

Lucky Targets

This is a mobile web game (to be played in the browser on an Android or iOS device) built on the Google App Engine stack using Java, JavaScript. UI designed by none other than the incomparable Isaac Durazo.

Win <premium currency of platform> on the way to saving the world. Take out the bad guys on a journey to become a Master Assassin!

Macro Table

A feature-rich, cross-browser jQuery table widget for displaying large amounts of data. A lofty goal to say the least.

Wacky Waving Inflatable Arm-Flailing Tube Man

I swear they were a phenomenon back in 2006. Created entirely with CSS3 animations, it was a cool showcase of what was possible with the new technology.

Huffington Post Clickbait Repellant

You know it from Buzzfeed, but the Huffington Post did it first. Make it stop, please.


Waking Up Esther

A healthy mix of DIY punk ambition and extreme laziness from leading comfortable, white-collar lives.

Axis of Evil!

Ska will never die as long as there are college kids to play it.